I provide consultation, coachingkeynote speeches and leadership training for refugees, focusing on an empowered and self-directed path towards integration. Born and raised in a refugee camp myself, I have lived through the process of re-finding myself and creating my place in Denmark. Relying on this experience, I consult private companies and govermential & public organizations on optimizing their services in integrating refugees into the labor market and social sphere. By teaching tools needed to effectively overcome with the social, cultural and linguistic challenges that new refugees face, I empower people to retake charge of their own destinies. I  inspire and motivate my clients to reflect on their own life stories, potential and unique experiences as they move into a new chapter in their lives.  Whether you are looking for a private consultant, speaker or training coach, I will work directly with you to create a speech for a special event, design personalized consultation for your company, or coach and train groups or individual refugees through the integration process. I look forward to working with you to design a solution to your challenge.  

I hold a BSc in Sociology, a BSc in Business Administration, and a MSc. in Organization & Strategy. In 2015, I was chosen as a future leader in the Lead The Talent program. In 2017, I  audited a 10-day course Leadership from the Inside Out: The Personal Capacity to Lead and Stay Alive  at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.


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